Advantages of Retractable Screens over traditional screens.

Retractable screen doors are not a new concept, the original patent was in 1914. It is a concept that has recently experienced renewed interest due to innovative product improvements and the superior advantages it offers compared to traditional screening products. There are about 14 companies that currently manufacturing retractable screen products. Of these manufacturers only 3 are committed to product improvements.  See the comparison of these manufacturers.

The market is still in its infancy with a growth rate approaching 25% per year and will continue to increase as homeowners discover the superior advantages of retractable screen products.  Along with choosing a superior retractable screen it is important to choose a reputable dealer in your area.  Most manufacturers have a warranty on their products but it useless without a reputable dealer to support it and provide you with the service you mat need if you have any issues.  Dealers that have been in business for 10 years or more and are licensed contractors are more likely to provide you with peace of mind from your purchase. has been in business for 31 years, are licensed contractors and have installed more than 16,000 Retractable Screen Doors.

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Hot Porch – Cool Porch

Hot Porch – Cool Porch

These folks had several needs: They wanted to block the sun from heating up their front porch and living room but the solution they had only partially worked, and completely failed when the wind kicked up. Another need was to create an outdoor area for their indoor cat that would be safe. Here is a permanent solution for all those needs. They were thrilled with the solution.

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Sliding Door Problems – EZ Sliding Door Solutions

Chronic Sliding Door Problems?

Here’s what to do.


Stop fighting your sliding door; Follow these steps:

When a sliding door doesn’t work right, the problem is often that the rollers have come off the track, so first check to be sure they’re on the track properly.  The bottom rail should appear centered under the door frame.   If it is not, lift that side move it while looking down on the track and set it back down.  If this doesn’t solve your problem the next step is to thoroughly clean out the track.

Built-up dirt or loose debris can cause a door to stop sliding and ride off the track. Use a wire brush to clean off the dirt or debris. Use the blade of an old screwdriver to pry stubborn dirt loose. Once you’ve cleaned the track, lubricate it with silicone spray or a little paraffin to help the door ride smoothly.

Sometimes, with a sliding door, it isn’t the track working improperly; it’s the catch. To reshape a bent catch, remove it and clamp it in a vise. Using pliers or a hammer, bend the catch to the proper angle. Replace it, and check the latch operation; it should click as the door closes, and it should have to be depressed fully for the door to open. Replace a malfunctioning catch or one that is worn or broken with the same model.

If the previous steps have not solved your problem, then you have to remove the sliding glass door to check the rollers.  At least 75% of sliding door hang ups can be attributed to the bearings inside the rollers being worn out.  Doors generally have 2 or 4 encased bearings; if any one of these is worn out or locked up entirely then we suggest replacing all of them at that time.  It is important to install the proper wheels or you will have serious problems with the sliding door.  These bearings and wheel sets are installed in many different ways and some methods of attachment require taking out bolts that keep the frame of the entire sliding glass door together.  We highly recommend not doing this yourself without suction cups and great care.  Shattered glass on a slider will cost on average from $375 to $700 to replace.

If your not the do it yourself person, then we suggest calling a glass company or a company experienced with sliding glass door repairs.   Here at we have the experience and knowledge to solve sliding door  problems quickly.  Our mobile service comes to you stocked with replacement parts and in most cases can fix your door in one hour.

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The cost / price of screens

We get this question almost every week;

Q. What is the cheapest screen you have?

A. That depends on the type of screen of course, but that question implies there is no concern about quality. There is roughly a 40% difference in cost between high and low grade materials.

Homeowners should beware that discount screens really means lower quality materials. What it doesn’t mean is that one company gave you a better price.


Here is one more question often asked:

Q. Will match or beat a competitive estimate?

A. That question requires the person doing the competitive pricing ask good follow up questions like “What manufacturer do you use and what grade of mesh 18 x 14, 18 x 16” (these numbers determine the amount of vertical and horizontal lines per square inch) Also, “What is the wire diameter .013, .011 and the guage of the screen framing is it ..040, .032, .025 or .020?” We give our best price up front for the quality materials we provide.

Here are other Frequently asked questions ;

Some People Say…

Some People Say, “We only have two seasons here in the Desert, HOT and Oooh so beautiful!” Though this seems true we actually have 6 seasons!      That’s Right!   6 seasons.

1.  Windy Season

2.  Flying Insect Season

3.  Open the Windows Season

4.  Block the Heat Out Season

5.  Outdoor Lounging Season

6.  Secure my Property Season

At we have practical solutions for ALL these seasons to make your Desert lifestyle an enjoyable one.

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